Simon Bewsey-Dyke

I grew up on the island of Guernsey and took a somewhat circuitous route into veterinary medicine, having initially worked in the marine industry as a yacht skipper. After spending several years bobbing around on boats in various sunny and agreeable places, I eventually decided to get a real job and follow in my mother’s footsteps to become a vet.

I attended Cambridge University where I met my lovely wife Lizzie, also a vet, and after six halcyon years eventually graduated in 2014. Following university, we spent time working in mixed practice in the Westcountry and back in the Channel Islands before deciding to move to Norfolk to settle down and start a family – our first son, Rupert, joined us soon afterwards.

I love getting out and exploring the Norfolk countryside and coast – often in the company of my loony dog, Douglas, whose main interest is attempting to personally greet every pheasant in the county. I still love messing around on boats and generally galloping around on horses. Professionally I have a keen interest in surgery and anaesthesia, and am currently undertaking a certificate in surgery to further develop my skills.